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Cyndee Lee Rule: News

Exciting Projects for 2012 - April 6, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to have participated in the new Don Falcone/Bridget Wishart project Astralfish, "Far Corners"! This very relaxing and beautiful album was also mastered by the great Robert Rich and features Gong's Daevid Allen on guitar! Other musicians include: Douglas Erickson (Grindlestone), Frank Hensel, Pierce McDowell (Gong Matrices), Steve Palmer (Mooch), Jasper Pattison (Citizen Fish), Martin Plumley (Chumley Warner Bros.), Purjah (Quiet Celebration), Karl E. H. Seigfried, Dave Speight (YAK, Peter Banks), Shannon Taylor, and Richard Wileman (Karda Estra).

Review here: Link to order:
I am also very excited to be working with the excellent spacerock musician/producer Jay Tausig on his new project "The Trip Around The Sun"! Subscribers will receive a new album every month for a year, depicting each of the 12 signs of the zodiac! My Viper will be appearing on the next installment, "Aries: The Fire Within". Subscribers can join in anytime to receive all 12 albums for only $30. In addition the incredible Ed Unitsky is doing all the spacerock art for this project!

More info, and to subscribe:
On the horizon are the upcoming Osiris the Rebirth and Space Mirrors albums, plus others. More info TBA soon!!

Thank you all for your support!!

Our Bed/Breakfast now open - January 31, 2012

Jeff and I have now listed our cottage on Airbnb as a Vegan Bed & Breakfast! Pics and description at this link:

Gonzalo Bergara LRC!! - January 29, 2012

Gonzalo Bergara in our Livingroom!
Hi Everyone,

We are excited to be presenting the incredible Gonzalo Bergara Quartet in our livingroom on St. Patrick's Day! If you enjoyed our Hot Club of Philadephia show, you will find this ensemble just as exciting! Argentinian guitarist, Gonzalo Bergara, leads his mesmerizing quartet through 1930's Gypsy Jazz, with a twist of Latin flavor!

Bio, photos and soundfiles here:
Date: Saturday, March 17th
Time: 8:00 PM, doors open at 7:30
RSVP: (address will b e given upon RSVP)
Fee: $15
21+, BYOB
Vegan snacks will be provided. If you wish to contribute snacks, please make sure they are 100% vegan.

Hope to see you here!

Treasures and Me - December 20, 2011

It has come to my attention that only a handful of my fans and friends are aware of my departure from Treasures of the Spirit, so I feel it is time to make an official announcement. After being one of the core members of this band for almost a year, learning the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, helping to form an incredible lineup (Bill and David were recommended by me), and doing countless tasks for the band (and for Calvin personally), another violinist was added to the lineup.

It was expected that I should just 'learn to' play with the other violinist, and it was made known that she will be in the band--with or without me. So, it was time for me to make a difficult decision. I joined this band because I wanted to branch out into the challenging and exciting repertore, and also into the genre of fusion. I wanted to play the parts that Jerry Goodman had played in the Mahavishnu Orchestra--NOT play duel leads, or be part of a string section.

I felt that with everything I had contributed to the band, my opinion and position would have carried more weight. Apparently, this was not the case. I felt that I had to stand by my instincts. I could have bitten my tongue and just played, but that was not why I was in the band in the first place. It would not have been enjoyable in the least, and I would have eventually have left anyway..

So, now I have moved on, and have been doing some more collab recording with Space Mirrors and Spirits Burning. I need to turn to making another solo CD and would like to take it into an EVEN more spacerock/trance/world fusion direcdtion than UFOsmosis, perhaps forming a live band to perform with after it is completed.

I really appreciate my fans who have stood by my decision to leave the band, and have continued to support me in every way. Your support means the world to me!

Thanks everyone.. YOU ALL ROCK!!!!


My VIPER on VINYL! - October 13, 2011

Space Mirrors/Acid FM split - 7" vinyl
Space Mirrors​/​Acid FM split by Space Mirrors and Acid FM

Pre-order of Space Mirrors/Acid FM split in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or
other formats. A link to the album download will be emailed to you the moment
it's released.
Pre-order Now $2.99 USD
releases 12 December 2011
Buy vinyl version

1. Space Mirrors - Dreams of Area 51
2. Acid FM - Space Beyond Space

Space Mirrors and Acid FM release a split single on red 7'' vinyl with exclusive
artwork. Here on bandcamp you can listen to and buy the digital version of a
split: Physical version released on red vinyl 7'' you will be able to buy at: creditsreleases 12 December 2011
Space Mirrors "Dreams of Area 51" (Michael Blackman/Alisa Coral):
Alisa Coral - synths, keyboards; Michael Blackman - guitars, bass; Martyr
Lucifer - vocals; Nik Turner - flute; Cyndee Lee Rule - violin; IDF - drums;
Kevin Sommers - artwork.
Martyr Lucifer's vox recorded by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio in
September 2011. Mixed and produced by Alisa Coral at KZI studio in 2011. -------------------------
Acid FM "Space Beyond Space":
Sparky Simmons - Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Doc Obergefell - Bass
Ian Guthrie - Drums

Lyric Composition: Sparky Simmons / Doc Obergefell
Music compostion: Sparky Simmons
Recorded & Mixed by Sparky Simmons @ The Zodiac Lounge; -------------------------
Kevin Sommers - Artwork. Mastered by Alisa Coral

Osiris the Rebirth--Lost - May 7, 2011

Be one of the first to hear the new album "LOST" by pre-ordering now! Just click the link in the Merchandise section, below left. All pre-order copies will be personally signed by Dave & Milo.
Pre-order shipping dates:
Saturday 11 June - UK addresses
Friday 10 June - EU
Thursday 9 June - ROW
to arrive on or soon after the official release date of Monday 13 June.

Osiris The Rebirth is the brainchild of veteran space-rocker Dave Adams.

The original Osiris was a spacerock band of Dave's from 1987-88. Twenty years later, while playing bass with Hawkwind tribute band Assassins of Silence, Dave had the idea of forming a band to resurrect some of the old Osiris87 songs and push the idea forward. He initially joined forces with a fellow Assassins founder-member Milo Black, and the duo began reworking some of the more promising old Osiris songs. New songs also quickly began to take shape, and the music began to evolve, taking a more progressive rock direction while retaining the spacerock elements.

Dave was keen to keep the Osiris name.... as were all the other bands in the world called Osiris..... the name Osiris The Rebirth seemed to say everything it needed to. The duo were all-but self-sufficient as a recording unit, and the band settled as a collective, with Dave and Milo as core members and guest contributions from other artists, to add colour, variety and better singing.

The first Osiris album Remnants of Life was released in November 2009, with guest contributions from Nik Turner, Bridget Wishart, Cyndee Lee Rule and many others.

" of my most played albums of the year."Jeff Fitzgerald, Aural Innovations

A second album, titled Lost, will appear in 2011, featuring Bridget, Cyndee and Jude Merryweather of Underground Zero. Preview tracks now on this page:

Lost In Transit--RMI - April 12, 2010

March 23, 2010
Official Annoucement: Lost In Transit

Just having released Time And Motion, RMI are coming out with their 2nd box set in just over a month. The box set, entitled Lost In Transit, consists of the band performing live between the years 2004 and 2007. None of the music has been released officially on CD before. Steve says that, "...this box set, shows the full range of the RMI arsenal, some of our favorite live performances, and we hope you' ll enjoy it"

Here's what will be included:
The Gatherings 2004
National Space Center 2005
National Space Center 2006 (w/Ian Boddy)
Various live tracks with Damo Suzuki (2004 & 2006)
Rain Falls In Leicester & Baltimore (w/Martin Archer, Cyndee Lee Rule & Premik Russell Tubbs)
The Gatherings 2007 (Sets 1 & 2) (w/Cyndee Lee Rule)

The scheduled release date is Saturday, April 17th (the night of the band performing at The Gatherings in Philadelphia, PA.). The box will be available to purchase via this site around May 1st:

Osiris, Remnants of Life - November 22, 2009

The album Remnants of Life is available to download now on Amazon and other download sites. Physical product with 8 page booklet and hidden bonus track (on first limited edition run) available in a few days from good stockists.

Below is some info on the project:

Osiris The Rebirth is the brainchild of veteran space-rocker Dave Adams.
In 2007, while playing bass with reknowned Hawkwind tribute band Assassins of Silence, he had the thought of resurrecting one of his early bands, Osiris. First stop was fellow Assassins founder-member, guitarist/producer Milo Black, another veteran of the music wars with a 20-year recording pedigree. Old Osiris songs were rearranged and reworked, and new music in a similar vein began to
emerge at speed.

After some experimentation with personnel, the band settled as a collective, with Dave and Milo as core members and guest contributions from other artists. The debut CD Remnants Of Life features guest appearances from ex Hawkwind members Nik Turner (flute) and Bridget Wishart (vocals), and well-known space-rock violinist Cyndee Lee Rule.

Further lead vocals are provided by ex-Assassin James Hodkinson, currently with space-rockers Xoo and performing with Pre-Med, and by Texas-based singer Kim Novak, with whom Milo previously collaborated on the Raspberry Silk album Inner Voices.

Although not a concept album as such, the CD plays as a continuous piece, one song merging into the next, with the eight main songs framed with short dialogue inserts, suggesting that the listener is a passenger on an interstellar voyage and perhaps implying that the songs represent the fragmented images and half-dreams that might be experienced during travel through some hypothetical non-Einsteinian space.

The music marks out the OTR home turf of space-prog a blend of
Hawkwind-esque space-rock, instrumental excursions reminiscent of Ozric
Tentacles, and the experimentation with odd meters and varied orchestration typical of progressive rock. The Hawkwind and Ozrics influence is to the fore, but there are many nods to other bands and genres even extending to some classical influence in the linking piece Gymnofeetie (a slanted reference to Satie's Gymnopedie No 1) and the piano introduction and coda to Dragonslayer.

Osiris clearly do not intend to be pigeonholed the final three tracks on the CD comprise a spacey instrumental, an accessible power-ballad with a smoky sax solo and romantic lyric (although still set in a science-fiction context) and a 15-minute prog epic, ticking all the boxes for symphonic intro, odd meters, oblique lyric, extended instrumental sections and of course - electric violin.

More of Greg's Music Released - November 8, 2009

Some more detailed info from Steven (of Systems Theory):

Thank you all for flying the flag in Greg's memory. We now have both of Greg's
OOP solo albums online at Mike Dickson's website. Please download them (VBR/HQ
MP3) and share them with anyone that might have an ear for the kind of smart
forward-thinking electronic music that Greg wrote.

Until such time as I get these albums back into print, and organize his
remaining output into releasable product, these pages will serve as a way for
people to hear his music.

I will get his latest solo album "The Noble Gases" out the door over the
weekend, despite what seems like a never-ending obstacle-course to get through.

"The Dark Within The Dark":
"Gecko Highway":
Gregory Michael Amov, b. Nov 6th 1959, d. Nov 3rd 2009. RIP

Greg's Music - November 5, 2009

Mike Dickson has posted Greg's music for free download here:
Systems Theory is also giving away their first 2 albums for free in memory of
Sharing Greg's music is the best way to honor and remember him now.. Please share..

Sad Systems Theory News - November 4, 2009

HI Everyone..

I am re-posting a message from Steven Davies-Morris of Systems Theory. Greg Amov was a vital member of the project, and had composed some of the tunes on my CD, UFOsmosis..

Steven's message:

Good morning,

it is with regret, but also relief, that I pass on that Systems
Theory band-member, long-time Multi-Value/dbms programmer and
computer teacher Greg Amov died last night after a hard few months
battling cancer for the second time. Some of you may recall that he
had esophageal cancer three years ago. Eventually it came back,
became systemic, and it was the cancer that had spread to his brain
that took him away from us.

Amidst the turmoil and sorrow of his death, I'd like to say that it
was very peaceful and quiet at his end, which was a relief after
all the physical struggle of the last few weeks. It was clear to
everyone around him during the afternoon that it would be sometime
Tuesday, so his family convened to be with him. His wife was at his
side when the final breath was taken.

I do not yet know exactly what sort of memorial there will be, or
when / where it will be held. But something appropriate to Greg's
life and beliefs will be organized soon. I will pass on that
information when I have it.

Thanks to all that contacted the family through me and through
Systems Theory to express hope, support, sympathy, wishes for a
speeding passing, etc. That various branches of the progressive
music community, and those that he worked with closely on recent
programming projects, had been in touch with me meant a great a
deal to Greg. Hundreds of emails, text messages and comments were
posted to various forums in his final weeks, and that he was so
well-regarded and admired means a great deal to me personally as
his best friend of 32 years.

In the midst of the sadness of his passing, let me add a bright
note. Last night I got access to Greg's pair of music computers
(named "Fripp" and "Eno" after two stellar musicians he admired).
Everything that I could have hoped to find musically was there --
the masters for his two OOP CDs were there, plus several unreleased
completed projects, some long-forgotten projects, and new tunes
earmarked for both solo, Systems Theory and ViolinCyndee. So there
will be new music under his name in the next year or so, as well as
the re-release of the wonderful "The Dark Within The Dark" (2001)
and "Gecko Highway" (2005) albums.

Gregory Michael Amov, b. Nov 6th 1959, d. Nov 3rd 2009, RIP. --
Cheers, SDM -- a 21st Century Schizoid Man Systems Theory music
project: <> on MySpace:
<> on GarageBand:
<> on Last FM:
<> on CDBaby: CDBaby
<> get "Codetalkers" *free* at
<> NP: nowt

Livingroom Concert 10/10 - September 27, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that ex-Tangerine Dream member, Steve Schroyder, will be performing in our livingroom on Saturday, October 10th! This will be Steve's first US performance in 18 years, and Jeff and I are very honored to be hosting him!! We are also excited to have Philly's own Panophonic here for a very spacey opening set!

Details of the show:
-Saturday, October 10th
-Doors open at 7:00, show at 8:00
-Price: $15
-Vegan refreshments will be available after the show
-RSVP to me directly ASAP to reserve your spot, and for the address. Space is LIMITED, and this will be an opportunity for a VERY intimate show with Steve Schroyder and Panophonic!
Email directly to me at: violincyndee@

Steve Schroyder info:
Steve was a member of Tangerine Dream in 1971, appearing on their albums "Alpha Centauri" and "Zeit". He also worked with Ash Ra Tempel on their 1973 album "Seven Up", and has had many other projects throughout the years.

Panophonic info:
Stellarscope' s leading man, Tommy Lugo, takes you on a voyage throughout the boundaries of space and time. His solo project evokes the sounds emanating from the stars. Blending pop song-writing, ethereal guitar soundscapes, bleeps, noises, samples, electronic beats, & floating vocals. He has recorded 11 full length albums since the winter of 2001

Hope to see you on October 10th!!

Vegan Potlucks - January 25, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have created another email list that will only be focusing ONLY Jeff
and my vegan parties and potlucks here:
We are in the Philly area, so hope that some of you will be able to
participate in our events. We have them several times a year,
including our annual Thanksgiving Day vegan potluck.

More music in the works, and some collabs to be released very soon! I
will be making some announcements shortly about these projects..

Thanks for your continued support!


Scattered Planets Reunion Gig - November 12, 2008

Composed by Jeff:

Once again, SCATTERED PLANETS rises from the ashes of decay for a rare
reunion gig!

This Friday, November 14, the 'classic' Scattered Planets lineup will
reunite for Landing Pad VIII, a Space Rock Festival.

Spatial Coordinates:

The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. Phila., PA (near U Penn campus)

Temporal Coordinates:

Friday Nov. 14, 7 PM


Scattered Planets Classic Lineup, performing your favorite Scattered
Planets psycho ambient space rock classics such as Dead and Moving,
Vogon Invasion, and more!!

Invasion Fleet: Jeff (Alien Flutes, Glissando Guitar), Cyndee (Viper
Space Violin), Doug (our Evil Dictator, Synths, Vocals, Programming),
Rich (Guitar, Vintage Sound Generators), Ken the Extremist (Theremin),
and others.

Other Assault Teams:

Radio Eris
Baptist Preachers
Plus videos, visuals, etc.

Hope to see you all there!

Mellotronworks - November 4, 2008

Systems Theory mellotronist, Mike Dickson, has offered his new
mellotron album for free download. I have also contributed viola
samples which are then played through the mellotron!

I have also de-tuned the viola to include some notes lower than the
viola's natural range, offering 35 notes for use on the mellotron.

A series of popular classical music pieces played entirely on the

* Mars, The Bringer of War (Holst)
* Adagio in G minor (Albinoni)
* Adagio for Strings (Barber)
* Air on The G String (Bach)
* Canon in D major (Pachelbel)
* Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams)
Don't forget to post comments!

Bob Drake--UPDATE - October 8, 2008

We are looking forward to hosting Bob Drake and his Cabinet of
Curiosities on Monday, October 20th @ 8:00. I will be doing an
opening Viper set, and then joining the band for a few tunes. There
will be vegan snacks. Doors open at 7:00.

Bob's first gig in the US is THIS Friday, so he will be busy with
gigs almost every day until our show on the 20th.

Bob's full itinerary:
If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to me at:
violincyndee@, NOT at Bob's email. I will give you the
address and directions at that time.

Hope to see you on the 20th!

Bob Drake in October - September 14, 2008

Livingroom Concert
October 20, 2008

Bob Drake and his Cabinet of Curiosities - 8:00
Trevose PA 19053
Price: $20
Cyndee Lee Rule will be doing an opening set at this show. Refreshments will be served. BYOB.

Bob is asking that those who wish to attend this gig should pre-pay with their RSVP through PayPal. He will take the first 20 reservations.

Email Bob for more info: with "BD-VC Trevose Reservation" in the subject line. (Note: this is NOT Bob's PayPal email address!--he will give you that info once you RSVP)

If you do not have PayPal, email me directly about sending a check for your reservation:

We will need to know in advance how many people will be attending because of limited space.

I hope Bob gets a full audience at all of his US gigs. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Livingroom Concert

NEARfest X - July 6, 2008

Those of you who follow prog-rock may be aware of NEARfest (North East Art Rock Festival), and the fact that Radio Massacre International was one of the bands who performed this year.

I was lucky to be included, as well as woodwind maestro Premik Russell Tubbs, in their set at NF!

Pics here:
RMI's tour blog here:
More exciting news to come!

Spring Space Jam - May 1, 2008

Composed by Jeff:

Greetings Fellow Humanoids, Earthlings, Extraterrestials, Androids,
Bipeds, Quadrupeds, Amoeboids, Cyborgs, Exoskelatals, Insectoids,
Reptoids, Artificial Intelligences, Carbon-based and other lifeforms...

Coming hot on the heels of our very successful living room concert with
Cyndee Lee Rule and Hawkwind's Harvey Bainbridge, by popular request
will be our first Spring Space Out Spice Doubt Jam Party.

Spatial and Temporal Coordinates (East Coast, North America, Earth,
Solar System Epoch 2000 Reference Specifications):

-Saturday May 17th
-8 PM
-email for address

What to Bring:

-Yourself and any guests, your Symbiots, Hosts, Parasites, Imaginary
Companions, etc.
-Audio Generators of any type...Electric, Electronic, Acoustic,
Percussive, Modular, Discrete, Integrated, ElectroMagnetic, Organic,
Inorganic, Bionic, etc.
-BYO Whatever :>) [Solid and Liquid Life Support Fuel Sources will be
provided, however they will be most suitable for Carbon/Earth-based
vegan lifeforms]

What to Wear:

Organic or Inorganic/Metallic Exoskeletons, Earth-style Outerwear,
Robotic or Borg Manipulation Extensions, Enhanced Sensory Devices, Life
Support Technology, Musical Digital Interface Devices, or other
appropriate ornamentation. Integral or Modular Phased or Energy-based
weaponry is NOT permitted

What to Expect:

Due to the unpredictable nature of wormhole travel, space-time warpage,
and phase inversions, we cannot predict with any certainty which of the
many interdimensional travelers and space musicnauts invited may be
appearing or disappearing. However, there is a high probability that
various members of the Radio Eris Collective, Brain Statik, Scattered
Planets, Red Masque, and other local hive inhabitants will be present.

Hope to see you transport, teleport, phase, or warp drive in!

Jeff & Cyndee

Project Moonbeam - April 23, 2008

"Project Moonbeam" is a project that I have been working on with incredibly talented prog-rock musician/producer, Chris Fournier. My Viper appears on 6 of the songs, and is now available through CD Baby as a digital download here:
Notes from the CD Baby site:

"Skillfully merges the sounds of classic space rock, electronica, and progressive rock for a mind-expanding experience.tracks

"Chris Fournier released several successful solo electronic/progressive rock CDs in the 1990s under the Fonya psuedonym. Project Moonbeam came about as a collection of pieces he composed after the Fonya years while working to get his professional recording studio understood and operational. In the end, this activity turned out to be an excellent three-year learning experience during which Chris got to work with some very talented musicians (Cyndee Lee Rule, Anthony Fournier, Nick Kerzner, Tobe London, Jim Kelsey, and Steve Bosse) - these recordings are the result."

More info at the Project Moonbeam MySpace:
Hope you enjoy the soundfiles! Physical CDs will be available soon, as well.

Thank you for your continued support!

"Codetalkers" - March 21, 2008

The new Systems Theory album, "Codetalkers" is now available for FREE
download! My Viper appears on 2 of the pieces.

Link to d/l:
Hope you enjoy the music!

Sunday Space Rock - February 11, 2008

Sunday Space Rock..good news

After the debarcle with the changed lock to the street door on Sunday. BMR now have keys to the new lock and the presenters can get back into the studio!

The great news for Space Rock Sunday fans (the most popular show on BMR..Thank You!!) is that next Sunday will be a 3 hour show, 7pm to 10pm, GMT. (3:00 PM-6:00 PM, EST)

As well as packing in all the great music I had lined up for last Sunday, and the interview with Cyndee Lee Rule, I will be talking to Danny faulkner ahead of the release of the new Pre Med album on monday, and giving exclusive air play to tracks from the new album.

So Sunday Space Rock 17th Feb 3 solid hours of the best Space Rock music and 2 interviews.

You cant miss it folks

Sunday night is Space Rock night.
Link to listen: --Dave Adams, host

New Video - February 11, 2008

"Light Speed Dreaming" is finally in print and available at Film Baby
(yes, that's CD Baby's twin sibling)
This music-video DVD project is basically my calling-card that took me six years of practice and learning
and a lot of late nights being inspired by a lot of great music.
Download the preview trailer more excerpts and TONS of stills at
Here's an adver-torial...or, whatever the yuppies are calling it these days:
"Light Speed Dreaming" , a theme-driven compilation of moderately fast-paced (and sometimes dizzying)
CG animation music-video combines psychedelic, surreal, and fantasy animation
inspired by the music of artists at the forefront of today's progressive, space, and experimental music scenes.
Each chapter takes the viewer through audio-visual voyages between worlds ranging from out-of-body experiences,
trips through impossible landscapes, and on into contemplation of space and spirit.
Avoiding abstract ambience and employing recognizable elements in an other-worldly context,
"Light Speed Dreaming" invites the viewer into their own ultimate immersion.
The music of Light Speed Dreaming is bracketed by the heavenly atmospheric "Lux Universum" by Farpoint
and fueled throughout by the experimental/avant/space/prog works of Systems Theory, Tanuki, and Cyndee Lee Rule.
(and some naive yet enthusiastic electronic wankery by David Frain)

NTSC DVDs are ready for distribution in North America and Japan.
PAL format (UK and parts of western Europe) will be ready later this year.
--David Frain

Live Interview Reschduled! - February 10, 2008

From Dave Adams, host of Space Rock Sunday:

So sorry,

but I arrived at the station to find that the lock to the street door of the building has been changed. It transpires that another tenant of the building is £16,000 in arrears with his rent and balifs have been in and changed the lock.
Now none of the buildings tenants can gain access.

Hopefully the situation for BMR will be resolved and Sunday Space Rock will be back on the air next week.


Space Rock Sunday, Feb 10th - February 9, 2008

Space Rock Sunday.. and the VIPER

From Dave Adams, host:

Yep, this Sunday 20:00 GMT, (3:00 PM EST) Space Rock violinist Cyndee Lee Rule will be calling in live from Philadelphia.
Cyndee appears on many albums by noted Space Rock
bands and musicians and also on her own recordings.
She has played live with many of the genres top
people, such as Harvey Bainbridge.

I will be playing tunes from many of the musical
projects Cyndees Viper violin is featured on.

Also on the show music from:Hawkwind, Humanoid,
Absinth House, Omnia Opera, Leviathan and more

Be sure to tune in this and every Sunday on
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