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UFOsmosis is Cyndee Lee Rule's debut, genre-twisting Viper album. With her 5-string Wood Violins electric violin and Zoom 606 pedal she creates a vast array of tones and moods. UFOsmosis spans from Celtic, to Middle Eastern, to Indian to Latin influences, with a heavy emphasis on spacerock.
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Various UFOsmosis Products

Custom t-shirts, ties, hats, mugs, keychains, magnets, etc. There are also items with pictures of me with the Viper. More to come!

Calamity Pop

Nagraan - CD

Nagraan is the brainchild of Singapore producer and studio owner, Paul Russell, of Calamity Studio.

The Story

In 2004, after many years of writing and producing material in the the rock and pop format, Paul started to move into more ambient spaces. While he liked making new spaces in between the notes, his pop sensibiities still drove him to write, record and mix tracks that were not only great to listen to on headphones, but also immediately accessible to the average listener. His role as part of the crew of WOMAD Singapore was also opening up his mind to music from every corner of the world, and the new grooves that he was making didn\'t fit in the rock genre.

One evening, the singer that he was working with failed to turn up for the Nth time and he decided to find another way of getting material out that didn\'t rely so much on other people.

So soon afterwards he found himself down in Singapore\'s Little India, scouring the bargain bins for inspiration. Coming back to the studio with a big stack of ancient Bollywood, Paul started discovering some of the timeless pop songs from the 1940\'s to 1960\'s. He realised that these classic melodies, hidden from western ears for decades, could now be recycled, remade and remixed for a completely new generation.

Paul decided to do for that era/genre what Fat Boy Slim had done for big beat records. He started sampling, slicing and splicing up new grooves into the first few tracks, which were Naaam Gum Nagraan, Beats for Bmore Freaks and Nagraan Goes to Bollywood. Trial listens with family, friends and people in Paul\'s internet circle were favourable. People were liking this strange mixture of eastern melody and western groove and instrumentation.

So began nearly three years of writing and production, bringing in collaborators from all over the world along the way. Each one gave of their time and talent generously.

Around 24 tracks were eventually written and recorded, but we whittled these down to our favourite 16 tracks to make up a very fulfilling album that ebbs and flows up to its eventual and satisfying conclusion.

Most of 2007 and early 2008 were taken up with clearing the samples. In February 08 Paul gave the entire album a complete remix all in one 14 day period, which is why it sounds so consistent from start to finish.

Mastering was done in May at Sunbreak Studios, Portland Oregon USA, by Cass Anawaty.
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Jay Tausig

The Trip Around the Sun - CD

12 new full- length Cosmic /Progressive / Space Rock releases by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jay Tausig (with special guests!) accompanied by 12 New Visionary Artworks by Ed Unitsky. Inspired by and released in conjunction with the signs of the Zodiac in 2012,
So... we'll be delving deep into the resonance of the zodiac signs every month, in a weaving of sounds and visions, creating a psychedelic tapestry of the eternal night sky.
Come take a ride with us through the cosmos.
The complete collection of these digital download
releases will only be available for one low price ($30)
to subscribers to this site during 2012.

Cyndee's VIPER is featured on several albums in this series:
-Aries: the Fire Within
-Gemini: the Chaos and the Calm
The Trip Around the Sun

Mike Dickson

Mellotronworks - free download

A series of popular classical music pieces played entirely on the

* Mars, The Bringer of War (Holst)
* Adagio in G minor (Albinoni)
* Adagio for Strings (Barber)
* Air on The G String (Bach)
* Canon in D major (Pachelbel)
* Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams)
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Project Moonbeam

Project Moonbeam - CD

Project Moonbeam
© 2008 Project Moonbeam (634479777189)

Skillfully merges the sounds of classic space rock, electronica, and progressive rock for a mind-expanding experience.
Kinesis Progressive Rock CDs

Radio Massacre International

Rain Falls in Grey - CD

Radio Massacre International's second Cuneiform release (and the band's 27th overall) is something quite different from the band's previous work. Best known for electronic space music for keyboards, electronics and guitars, here Radio Massacre have expanded greatly upon their usual sound and also use conventional rock instrumentation to create a sincere and moving tribute to Syd Barrett, and in doing so, manage to capture some of the psychedelic magic of 1967-1968. This album features a really striking cover by Daevid Allen, which is also a hommage to Syd.

"This album is our way of saying goodbye and thanks to a genuine one-off. His passing had an unexpectedly profound effect, despite the fact that he hadn't been near a guitar in more than 30 years. It forced us to consider what an enormous influence he was, despite his space-age ascendancy and equally rapid burnout. He picked up a zippo lighter, invented glissando guitar and incorporated non-musical sounds into the context of the new psychedelic movement that had hardly had time to leave the conformity of Rhythm & Blues behind. His creation was a particularly English take on what we now call 'rock'...and for those of us engaged in experimental or space rock, the debt is enormous."-R.M.I
Cuneiform Records

Rain Falls in a Different Way - CD

Rain Falls In A Different Way: A companion piece to Rain Falls In Grey, and a collection of new music recorded during the same time frame using similar instrumentation. Expansive and atmospheric as well as strongly rhythmic space rock.
Cuneiform Records

Space Mirrors

Majestic 12: A Hidden Presence - CD

It's a new chapter in Space Mirrors history, which brings you a
research into the UFO conspiracy subjects in the form of a modern
Space Metal, with many mixed elements from dark metal to classic rock
(similar to Ayreon, Sigh, Arcturus, Ozric Tentacles).

Featuring Nik Turner (Hawkwind co-founder, Space Ritual, Inner City
Unit), Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae, Opposite Sides) and Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed, Scattered Planets).

You can listen to the samples from the album and watch videos here on our myspace page:

"MJ-12" album should be available to buy in the main distribution
outlets soon. Check out the list of distributors at record label
website for more information.
Sleazy Rider Records

Space Mirrors/Acid FM split - 7" vinyl

Space Mirrors​/​Acid FM split by Space Mirrors and Acid FM

Pre-order of Space Mirrors/Acid FM split in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the album download will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.
Pre-order Now $2.99 USD
releases 12 December 2011
Buy vinyl version

1. Space Mirrors - Dreams of Area 51
2. Acid FM - Space Beyond Space

Space Mirrors and Acid FM release a split single on red 7'' vinyl with exclusive artwork. Here on bandcamp you can listen to and buy the digital version of a split.
Physical version released on red vinyl 7'' you will be able to buy at:
creditsreleases 12 December 2011
Space Mirrors "Dreams of Area 51" (Michael Blackman/Alisa Coral):
Alisa Coral - synths, keyboards; Michael Blackman - guitars, bass; Martyr Lucifer - vocals; Nik Turner - flute; Cyndee Lee Rule - violin; IDF - drums; Kevin Sommers - artwork.
Martyr Lucifer's vox recorded by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio in September 2011. Mixed and produced by Alisa Coral at KZI studio in 2011.
Acid FM "Space Beyond Space":
Sparky Simmons - Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Doc Obergefell - Bass
Ian Guthrie - Drums

Lyric Composition: Sparky Simmons / Doc Obergefell
Music compostion: Sparky Simmons
Recorded & Mixed by Sparky Simmons @ The Zodiac Lounge;
Kevin Sommers - Artwork. Mastered by Alisa Coral.

Space Mirrors--In Darkness they Whisper - CD

Label:Transubstans Records – TRANS097
Format:CD, Album

Released:01 Aug 2012
Style:Space Rock, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
In Darkness They Whisper on Discogs

The Other Gods


Empire of Night - CD

Produced by John Pack and Brian Fowler. Engineered by Glen Falkenstein. Recorded at Studiolab Cartersville Georgia 2005-2006. Additional material recorded at Snake Pit studios Trevose Pennsylvania and The Astro Lounge Boston Massachusetts.

Personnel: John Pack Guitar,Vocals, Theremin and Synth. Harvey Bainbridge: Synth, Vocals. Brian Fowler: Bass, Guitar, Theremin. Hank Tart: Drums, Sugarkayne: Synths.

Additional personnel, John Stanton, guitar. Brother Anubis R.E., Sax. Rick Atkinson, Synth. Cyndee Lee Rule,Viper Electric Violin. Astro Al, Subliminations, lyricist. Art work, Mark Reiser, Pittsburgh
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Spirits Burning

Healthy Music in Large Doses

“Healthy Music In Large Doses” is the latest offering from the Spirits Burning space rock collective, this time featuring keyboardist Cyrille “Clearlight” Verdeaux. Clearlight is a project of French songwriter and composer Cyrille Verdeaux, which blends classical romanticism and prog-rock experimentation. The first album was released under the name “Clearlight Symphony,” in 1974, by British major label Virgin Records. Cyrille Verdeaux's work with Clearlight has incorporated the talents of several other songwriters and composers (such as David Cross of King Crimson, Tim Blake, Steve Hillage, and Didier Malherbe of Gong, and Didier Lockwood of Magma). "Spirits Burning is a musical collective overseen by American composer/producer Don Falcone that has released a pluralistic combination of ambient, jazz and full-on space-rock with input from many of the genre's luminaries... Spirits Burning has become a respected melting pot of the space-rock fraternity." Ian Abrahams, Rock N Reel, July-August, 2008
Spirits Burning and Clearlight: "Healthy Music in Large Doses"

Systems Theory

Codetalkers--Systems Thoery - free download

As with the last album Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies, this album is a classic example of that over-used descriptor a collision of styles; a merging of disparate and incongruent ideas and textures, where the old bumps into the new, the electronic collides with the organic, and the programmed has a chance encounter with the downright spontaneous. Some of the album was recorded using computers. Some using tape. Some was played on digital musical instruments, some played on digital copies of old instruments, some on acoustic instruments and some on old analogue instruments. Nothing is ever excluded by us for reasons of style or conformity. Our essential principle is this: if the sound fits then it fits. Buried deep within this album is the sound of a Victorian tenement stair being struck with a length of wood and recorded from sixty feet above. Elsewhere there are the sounds of an electric violin, a Mellotron, a disembodied flute, pots and pans being struck with wooden sticks, a cat idly playing with a lead, the squall of tortured mechanical devices crunching gears and cogs through their last moments, the voices of the wind and rain, and the rich assortment of toys and machinery that we pick and choose to use in our palette. If the last album was a series of musical accompaniments to films that didn't yet exist, then this collection is a collage of those things you'd rather not see but are perhaps happy to dream about from a safer distance; giant lizards, car crashes, warfare, rushing trains, dying red suns and trigonometry.
Mike Dickson

Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies by Systems Theory - CD

Systems Theory is a multi-national internet music project creating adventurous music best described using the terms cinematic-progressive, cinematic-ethnic, cinematic-spacerock, cinematic-electronic, cinematic-ambient, cinematic-soundscape, cinematic-fusion. The compositions run the gamut from dark ambient drift to worldprog-fusion to full-throttle aggressive spacerock, many of which are colored by the rich organic sounds of the Mellotron M400 and other old analog keyboards.
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